We talk with Erica from Pippin, an original gift boutique in the Haymarket area of Edinburgh, Scotland. Selling cards, gifts, jewellery, homewares and much more.

Tell us a little bit about Pippin?

Pippin is an independent gift boutique in Edinburgh – we sell a wide range of gifts, cards, jewellery, homewares and things to make you smile. We are really proud to support UK designers from across the country and to bring together a collection of products not seen before in our area.

What inspire you when you design your shop window? do you have any blogs, magazines or shops that you use for inspiration?

I mostly use the products we stock for inspiration, I look at what’s coming into stock and what trends are popular for the season, and work from there to create a display that will really show off those products.

Sometimes I do go for something completely off the wall that just struck me on the train home though! Our Christmas window (the one that has been shortlisted) was inspired by the beautiful patterns on the gift wrap we stock by The Art File. I loved their motifs of trees and woodland animals, and the bold red and blue colouring, so I supersized the concept and added a bit of Pippin magic to create an eye-catching display!

What are the most important things to consider when you are planning a shop window? 

The products that will be displayed in it, how best to show them off, the scale of props, height, the season/weather/lighting, timing, accessibility for staff.

What works and what doesn’t?

Big and bold works, filling the whole space, often using multiples of the same item to create an impact or lots of things in the same colour palette.

Lights work well in the winter to create a cosy glow. From experience, balloons are a nightmare!

Do you need a big budget to design a compelling show window? 

Absolutely not – I make mine on a shoestring budget, often making props out of cardboard or paper, or using old pieces of upcycled furniture.

I’m very lucky though as my partner is a joiner, so if I need anything building out of wood he’s on hand to help with the technical stuff!

How often you change your shop window?

Every couple of months usually, though I will often switch products within the display to keep it fresh (or because they’ve sold out!)

Where can we find out more about Pippin?

You can find us at www.pippingifts.com, Facebook or on Instagram.