Toff’s is North London’s finest Fish and Chips shop

With customers queuing out the door almost every night. The Fish and Chips shop is very successful, but the management might seem a little split – you see, the two gentleman debating the company’s future and day-to-day workings are brothers.

Brothers in Business - Fish and Chips Shop - Picture by Christopher Flowers on Unsplash

Costas and his brother are the fourth small business owners in xln’s exclusive series which focuses on the unsung heroes of the UK economy.  The way Costas tells it:

Sometimes it takes all day to make a decision, because one’s got the heart and one’s got the head.

They bought the restaurant in 1999, when the original owners retired. Costas and his brother were fed up with their careers and wanted to try their hand at hospitality, specifically serving fish and chips. The secret to their success has been offering more than just a delightful plate of cod and chips.

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