If you already accept card payments, the next best thing is to accept contactless payments. Contactless simply means that customers can tap their bank cards on to the card reader rather than insert their cards and enter their pin number if the amount to pay is below a certain amount. For most banks, that limit is £45.

This is a great solution for continuing to operate but without needing to touch the same surfaces – such as cash, the card machine, or others – as your customers, to help avoid the potential spread of COVID-19.

Offering contactless payments in store makes it even easier, quicker, and more convenient for your customers to make their payments. This will make the entire shopping process more seamless, giving your customers a reason to keep coming back.

To start offering contactless payment systems, you will need to have a card reader that is compatible with contactless. Most card readers will be already as contactless payments have become so popular, but it’s worth double-checking.

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