Design isn’t always easy, but iZettle have some suggestions for how you can optimise your store to excite and entice your customers. These recommendations will help you lay down the cornerstones of your in-store experience and ready your products to be loved by your customers.

How to design your shop experience

The most important thing to remember with design is who you’re designing for. Ask yourself “What would my customers think? How would my customers react?” After all, your design choices make sense to you, you know your store inside-out. Consumers, however, aren’t so familiar with your store, don’t know the reasons behind your choices like you and are going to see everything differently.

The Gateway

A customers first steps through your door are the beginning of their shopping experience. Remember, your customers are on a journey and the best bits should come later on. Don’t try and sell them on your more interesting products straight away, give them a moment to get comfortable. Customers that have just crossed your threshold are going to miss products placed by the door as they step into the new, unfamiliar world of your store. Try and keep the design of your entrance simple and don’t overwhelm customers.

Design Your Customer’s Journey

Once your customer’s inside your store, how they find what they want (and how they discover the products they didn’t know they want) is a shopping journey. Try to visualise how a customer is going to browse your store and prepare a path for them. Take customers through your most enticing products on their way and put your most interesting items past the ends of isles, at the bottom of your store, so that they’re visible as the customer browses down toward them.

And remember – keep your the products you’re most looking to sell on the customer’s right. It’s a well known trick of the human mind that most people look to their right as they walk through a store. Keep your high-profit products, seasonal items and whatever you’re most interested in selling on the customer’s right hand side.

iZettle last tip: Finish Strong

Your shop counter is the last place any customer will end up and it’s where the most impulse-purchases happen. Design your counter to play to these strengths, you don’t want to waste any space here. Use this part of your store to sell your customers the little things they weren’t thinking about. Go for the most eye-catching products.

Shop Counter in a picture from Caroline Attwood

The counter space should be full of temptations, but remember to keep it open and comfortable for your customers. You need space for your customer, their bags and whatever purchases they’re making, so don’t crowd your counter too much. Instead, make use of the space behind, beneath and above your counter, everywhere the customer’s eyes might wander.

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