The payment is the last step for your customer’s purchase, and making this process simple and easy will make the shop experience more memorable

1 in 4 payments are contactless already. Payment with cash is still around, but it is not king anymore, because we are becoming a cashless society. Customers are expecting retailers to provide options like “Contactless”, “Apple Pay”, “Android Pay”, and mobile payments.

Easier Payment Experience for Your Customer. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Ultimately these days, customers like to be efficient and quick when making a purchase and you want to make sure you can offer them the latest technology to make quick transactions at the till. We spoke to Warren Sharples from iZettle at how retailers can do just that.

We are leveling the playfield for small businesses against larger organisations.

iZettle provides point of sale solutions, payments, financing and other tools for retailers.

iZettle‘s point of sale solutions makes managing your day-to-day operations easier. Hence the all-new iZettle Reader takes card and contactless payments in seconds. Last but not least iZettle Advance offers easy access to funding that can help you expand your business in a big way.

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