Our half day conference-style events focus on bringing together your local high street stakeholders, such as high street businesses, community associations, landlords, councillors, media influencers and more.

The agenda centres around a series of panel-led presentations and discussions delivered by high street experts, local champions and entrepreneurial local business owners from our High Street Advisory Board.

The day is introduced with an inspiring presentation that addresses the challenges faced on the high street as well as the opportunities ahead both locally and nationally. There are also opportunities for audience participation, activation and networking.

The focus is on the key actions that local stakeholders and high street businesses owners can take to drive footfall, sales and local economic growth and how working together in local partnerships can drive change.

Branded video content and promotional activity; before; during and after the day of the event ensures wide ranging engagement beyond those able to attend.

These events are fast paced, vibrant affairs, and work really well to bring stakeholders together, identifying potential local champions across the region and encouraging open, sustainable community-led high street planning for the future.

Here’s a video from an event we delivered in Croydon earlier this year:


Would you like us to deliver an event or events for your high street communities?

Email us – Localchampions@savethehighstreet.org