Are you a local independent business in Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Leyton or Chingford?
SaveTheHighStreet.org will be working closely with 100 local traders across the borough, helping each business achieve their potential through this next phase of the Coronavirus crisis.
It’s totally free thanks to Waltham Forest Council and is open to independent businesses across the borough, first-come, first-served.

Helping you achieve your goals, whatever they are

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1-2-1 expert support every step of the way

✔ We will become an extension of your team, championing your success from now till the end of October.
✔ We will invite you to 20 webinars, covering the key challenges and opportunities for local businesses across Waltham Forest, from top tips for cost-cutting, adapting your offerings, local high street collaborations and much more.
✔ We will offer you 121 weekly calls with a dedicated expert mentor who will be there to support you every step of the way over the coming months.
✔ We will share new ideas each week, all personalised to you and related to the following 6 themes: Reduce your costs, Sell in new ways, Adapt your marketing, Collaborate as a high street, Prepare for the future and Funds for your business.
✔ We will help develop a new action plan that considers all the things you could be doing  to achieve your goals in 2020.
✔ We will provide step by step guides and evaluate any outsourcing options to help you implement each idea on your action plan.
✔ We will give you data about your local market and show how your business is performing against our Industry Standard for success on the Coronavirus-era high street.
✔ We will help Local Champions stimulate footfall, benefit from effective community-wide collaborations and ensure diverse, thriving, independent high streets across Waltham Forest, this year and for the future.
✔ We will (with your consent) showcase your business offerings and successes across Waltham Forest locally and across the SaveTheHighStreet.org community nationwide.
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Choose local, support everyone.