High Street Advisory Board – Now Open


Our Aim

Following on from the success of the Retail Advisory Board, we are now expanding and taking registrations for our newly formed High Street Advisory Board.

The High Street Advisory Board has been created to identify and evaluate opportunities, recommendations and challenges facing independent local businesses on the high street today.

Together we can create the best in class industry standards providing independent shopkeepers with the necessary information to succeed on today’s high street and for generations to come.

We are an industry-wide initiative to support and empower every local shopkeeper nationwide. We are on a mission to build a stronger, better connected, digitally enabled high street making it easier to set up and succeed as a local business.

Why Join?

It’s completely free to join and as a member of the board you will benefit from…

  1. Insight into recommendations from our reports on what is working best across the high street today
  2. Opting in to be showcased in our content, media and other publicity
  3. Opportunities to input into upcoming SaveTheHighStreet.org initiatives
  4. Introductions to other members across the community and invites to events
  5. Having your say on the things that matter most to you
  6. The flexibility of getting involved as much or as little as you like

Register Today

To claim your place on the board, you’ll need to let us know you’re interested to learn more and fill in a survey we can send you.

To be eligible you either need to be a business selling on the high street or an industry expert who can help the high street in some way.

Registrations are now open and to confirm your interest, please email info@savethehighstreet.org