The High Street Conference

On September 25th independent retailers, goverenment officials and industry leaders converged on Richmond for the first ever High Street Conference. We held panel discussions on high street matters, gave presentations on retail issues and solutions and viewed exhibitions on the future of retail.


We’ll be using what we’ve learned from the conference to inform our recommendations and Industry Standards. With the help and perspective of the independent retail community we can give better, more informative recommendations on staying competitive and growing your business on the modern high street.

“You’re independent, but you’re not alone” -Rikul Patel, The Retail Mutual

Tips and tricks from industry leaders and high street retailers

We appreciate your interest in the conference. There’s a lot that we took away from the day that we’re going to be uploading to this page and our Industry Standards blog. Be sure to check on our blog and keep up to date with the educational and informative articles we’re uploading.