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Save The High Street Hounslow and Hounslow Council have joined forces to deliver a wide range of new support for local independents, startups, community champions and landlords across the borough in 2022.

Limited spaces available

The Local Footfall Accelerator is delivered through our market-leading business support platform called Jo by our team of experienced small business advisors, community champions and high street experts.

Are you a local independent?


Boost your footfall, improve your online presence, reduce your costs and more.


Up to X100 local independents will receive a range of personalised, expert support to achieve their top goals, whatever they may be.

This includes access to a premium version of Jo for free (worth £400+) and (up to £5000 in) grant funding to spend on improving your business.

Who is this for?

Retailers, restaurants, salons, cafes, galleries, pubs and other local independent businesses trading from a high street, market or shopping centre in the london borough of Hounslow

Are you a high street startup?


Rent-free space, expert support and grant funding


X3 startups will receive rent-free pop-up space for 4 weeks (no commitment to continue after the 4 weeks) as well as a range of hands-on support and grant funding to help each startup launch successfully on the high street in Hounslow

Others who apply but aren’t successful will still receive a dedicated ‘launch on the high street’ support programme on Jo worth £100s for free.

Who is this for?

  • Online retailers who want a physical presence
  • Market traders who want a high street unit
  • Local independents who want a second home
  • Startups who want to launch locally by March

Are you a local community champion?


Empowered local groups and individuals working together to help their local communities thrive


Local champions across the borough will receive personalized support from leading place and community management experts on whatever they would like to focus on

Expert guidance on developing a destination marketing plan, running local events, setting up a trader group, securing new funding, mobilising community support and more.

Each local champion will also get access to information about all the programmes being delivered as part of ‘Save The High Street Hounslow’ and an opportunity to get involved as much or as little as they like.

Who is this for?

Trader associations, resident groups, CICs, media influencers, social enterprises, commercial agents and any other groups or individuals making a stand for the success of their local high streets within the borough of Hounslow

Are you a retail landlord?


New tenants, less vacant units and more successful high streets; improving your potential rental income and increasing real estate asset values across Hounslow.


We are planning a series of initiatives to sustainably repopulate vacant units and help landlords in the borough to achieve their goals.

This kicks off in January 2022 with a campaign to find, house and grow a new generation of high street tenants, while understanding what support local landlords need from, Hounslow Council and their local community champions.

Who is this for?

All landlords with both vacant and occupied Class E units within the London borough of Hounslow.

Social Proof

The success of high streets in Hounslow impacts everyone locally. 

The future of the high street depends on how we all act now. 

Join the movement. Become a partner. Spread the word.