JIOTD – Input into your high street recovery plan

As Lockdown eases many, but not all, local authorities are formulating plans for high street recovery.

This might involve a broad range of initiatives such as marketing campaigns, improvements to the public domain, training, changes to parking – whatever is important in a specific locality. Above all there will be consideration of how changes can be made which

But you have to be involved to make sure that the plan works for your business as well as everybody else. The first requirement is to be aware of what’s going on in your locality.

Local leaders among the high street community will be a good first point of contact, as would a BID if there is one locally, or the council itself, which will often be the official coordinator of recovery initiatives and have funds to achieve the aims.

How high streets recover will be as important as how they survive – how the future of out towns plays out in these two phases will affect how they develop in the future.

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