Create a video of your customer experience

Many businesses have reconfigured the layouts of their premises as they have reopened following Lockdown. But customers who have yet to visit may not know what to expect when they arrive and how they will be expected to move around the premises.

To encourage customers to visit, to feel safe and to distance securely you could produce a simple walk-through, showing walkways, signage, distancing stopping points and anything else that would help shoppers navigate the business.

An explanatory voiceover as the video journey progresses will help viewers understand how the system works and what is expected of them.

This is easy to shoot on your own mobile phone. No special equipment is needed to do this. A bit of thought in planning the walkthrough will help it go smoothly, but even so, expect to have to do this one or two times to make the finished product as good as possible.

Then get it out there where it can do its work. You can use social media, your own website, even a link in an email. Or you can do all three. Why not?

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