If you are in the market for Epos then there are a number of key questions you should be asking. Industry Leaders Lightspeed have outlined 6 key questions to ask when looking for the perfect Epos.

1. How does the Epos sync between in-store and online?

Now you may not think this applies to you if you are only selling in-store but you always want to keep your options open. The right POS can help you build your first online store. There is little doubt that stores with both online and offline presence can bring in more revenue that those with only one channel.

2. Does the POS empower your staff with well-designed tools?

Your Epos system should be able to provide your staff with all the information they need to answer customer questions immediately. Your employee are the faces of your brand and their needs should be considered when looking for the right technology for your store.

3. Is training and support part of what you’re buying?

Does the Epos system you are considering offer support to you and your employee’s? You don’t want to be left to solve any issues alone once the deal is done. Make sure you know what kind of ongoing support you will be offered.

4. Does the POS provide deep analysis and helpful reports?

You don’t have to have to estimate how well your business is doing. Technology can help you. Good Epos systems can show you how well your business is doing and the areas you need to improve on. There is no need to stumble around in the dark.

5. Can the POS help you create targeted marketing campaigns?

With the right POS system you can create targeted campaigns to customer about things they actually want to know about. The right Epos can help you improve relationships with customers.

6. Will the POS keep up with you as you grow?

When looking for your new POS make sure you consider what you may need in the future. Can the POS scale with your business? The cheapest system may not always be the best option.

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