Nationwide Movement is Sweeping the UK in an Effort to Save The High Street


May 18, 2017


Global corporates, industry bodies, startup innovators, media, and independent retailers are together rolling out an industry-wide programme to support an empower hundreds of thousands of independent local businesses.

[May 18, 2017] From May 2017, SaveTheHighStreet.org and Industry Leaders such as Appear HereBritish Independent Retail AssociationCityHouseMediaemocialEnterprise NationGoogle Digital GarageIconemeiZettleJCDecauxLightspeedMorplanPocketHighStreetRadford AccessoriesRevive&ThrivetheUKdomainUniversal DisplayVerifone MediaXLN and Vendorcom, together with the 125+ nationwide SaveTheHighStreet.org Retailer

Advisory Board members, are implementing a programme to support and empower 100,000+ shopkeepers nationwide.

The group will tackle issues including how to merge online-offline, the high street footfall decline, growing competition, rents, rates and many extortionate bricks & mortar overall costs. They will identify ‘what works’ in modern retailing today and define first-ever industry recommendations for successful high street retailing.

SaveTheHighStreet.org is represented on 1000s of high streets nationwide, and is calling on independent retailers, local businesses, organisations, media and individuals who care to join the movement by signing up for free at www.savethehighstreet.org. They will receive weekly newsletters with first-hand updates on the recommendations, developments and updates. The more of us who join, the stronger we all become.

Join SaveTheHighStreet.org on September 25th in London for our Industry Leaders Conference where retailers, industry and media will discuss recommendations and establish the first-ever set of high street retail Industry Standards.



Press Contacts:


Lyndsay King 07512320659 lyndsay@savethehighstreet.org

Chelsea Houston 07927918400 chelsea@savethehighstreet.org

Interviews available upon request.


Retailer Advisory Board Quotes [additional quotes and interviews available upon request]


“So many of my customers say they come to Winchester because they like small independent shops like ours, with character, where you can find unique treasures.  Shopping shouldn’t feel like a chore, but an adventure and the High Street will only survive with the diversity and character that Independents can bring to that shopping experience.  But we’re an endangered species, and it’s not easy on your own, so it’s great to have a resource like SaveTheHighStreet.org where we can share our experiences and ideas – and look at ways to ensure the future of the High Street, together.” – Karen Fitzsimmons, Owner of Stardust Years Vintage Fashion in Winchester


Industry Leader Quotes


“With lease lengths falling and business rates rising, our vision for the future of retail is in shorter-term, more flexible bookings. Independent retailers are essential to our cities. They’re the guys who bring the excitement, create unique experiences and build authentic connections with local communities. We want to do everything we can to help make sure there’s always a space for them.” – Elizabeth Layne, CMO of Appear Here

“The British Independent Retailers Association [bira] is pleased to be working with Save the High Street towards our combined goal of supporting independent retailers and helping them thrive. For the past 117 years bira has been in the corner of independent retailers across all kinds of industries and are committed to the continuing success of every independent business we work with. Modern independent retailers recognise that great ideas, insights and ideas can be found beyond the confines of their own business. bira believes independent retailers are stronger together and that independent retailing in the UK has a bright future.” – Sarah Arnesen, Head of Marketing, PR & Events at bira

“The High Street must adapt to the digitalisation of its industry and we want to help Save The High Street in their bid to engage with its stakeholders in an educational and informative way through video to help retailers across the industry grow and thrive in what is an incredibly challenging period. We are a business dedicated to the high street, and independent retail.” – Nick Forster, Co-Founder & Operations Director at CityHouseMedia

“We are an agency with a strong passion for retail marketing. Working side by side with STHS is for us an opportunity to share our experiences in building CRM and loyalty programmes. We can help the community of small and medium retailers in their digital transformation and give them our support when competing against pure online players.” – Jacques Prothon, Founder & Director of emocial Digital and ODICCI

“Over the last 30 years I have seen a huge change in retail and the way that business is done.  With the emphasis on technology it is important to remember that this does not mean online only.  Offline, real stores, are as important if not more important than they have ever been and it is important for consumers to be kept engaged and enthralled by creating unique and exciting journeys.  I believe with my experience and the experience of others involved in this movement we can make a real difference to consumers and shopkeepers habits to create something very special on the High Street as well as rebuilding community and spirit. I am excited to be a part of something so important to the continued evolvement of the high street and retail in general.” – Jonathan Berlin, CEO of Iconeme & Universal Display

“Google’s products and free digital training are a growth engine for people and businesses up and down the country. So if you are attending the SaveTheHighStreet Industry Leaders Conference in September in London and you want to boost your career, or turbocharge your business, please join us at our Digital Garage session and hear from our experts. We can help you connect to new customers, help boost your productivity or improve your employability no matter what field you work in.” – Alice Mansergh, Director of Google Marketing Solutions for UK and Ireland

“The British high street is at a critical juncture. Consumers have said loud and clear that they want their shopping experiences to be convenient, intuitive and customised. In essence, they are calling for an omnichannel retail experience; a seamless integration of online and in-store shopping. The decline in the high street is occurring because many independents simply don’t have the capacity to make a proper transition into the digital age. That’s why at Lightspeed, we’ve decided to do the heavy lifting for independents by creating a simple and intuitive omnichannel solution. In SaveTheHighStreet.org, we have a partner that strongly believes, as we do, that everyone benefits when independent businesses are given the opportunity and tools to compete on a level playing field.” – Jerome Laredo, Vice President EMEA at Lightspeed

“It’s incredibly important to work together with retailers, organisations and customers to ensure our high street is protected. We are committed to helping maintain the high street and SaveTheHighStreet are the perfect partner to have when it comes to protecting it. The high street is the backbone of the retail industry and we mustn’t lose sight of how important it is.” – Morplan

“The high street has never changed so much or so fast. If local shops aren’t supported through this change there is a real risk that our high streets become Amazon pickup points, blocks of flats, boarded up ghost towns or lookalike chains. Uniting as an industry around this is arguably the most important local commerce initiative this decade. We are all impacted by the success or failure of high streets. Local businesses, hundreds of connected industries, local communities and micro-economies nationwide.” – Alex Schlagman, CEO & Co-Founder of PocketHighStreet and Founding Partner of SaveTheHighStreet.org

“High streets are no longer such hot topics nationally.  During the Portas Review they were never out of the headlines. Sadly, nothing has changed substantially since, high streets and particularly high street retail still face huge challenges. I’m really pleased to see the emergence of SaveTheHighStreet.org and we are pleased to support them.  I’m particularly impressed with the collaborate approach that they have adopted I hope that they continue to go from strength to strength; their mission is invaluable for the heart of all of our communities.” – Mark Barnes, Managing Director and Founder of Revive & Thrive

“With over 90% of consumers now researching online through search engines before purchasing a product or service, any small independent retailer without a website could be invisible to potential customers browsing online. Even if you don’t sell online, a website is your 24/7 shop window and many consumers search online before going to buy in a physical shop. Creating a website used to be time consuming, complex and expensive, but these days there are plenty of inexpensive, easy drag and drop website building solutions available that anyone can master. The first thing a business needs to do is get a .co.uk or .uk domain name which also links to an email address that matches your business name, earning customer trust.” – Neil Dagger, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nominet which operates the UK domain

“We believe that Verifone Media are uniquely placed to empower members of SaveTheHighStreet.org by affordable and immediate activation of advertising in close proximity to any storefront in London and with any message they want to communicate. Members are no longer limited to waiting for the nearest poster site to become available; Digital taxi media can bring the advertising and therefore the business to them.” – David Sore, Head of Marketing UK at Verifone Media

“UK high streets are the heartbeats of our communities. But the UK high street as we know it is under serious threat. Save The High Street recognises the seriousness and complexity of this problem – and that’s why we’ve joined forces with them. Like us, they understand that this is about everything from pop-ups to parking; it’s about new ideas as well as fixing age-old problems. Together, we can achieve great things.” – Christian Nellemann, Founder and CEO, XLN

“At iZettle, our main mission is to build tools that empower independent retailers and other small businesses to play on the same turf as the bigger players. We fully support savethehighstreet.org and look forward to working together to make sure the high street remains a diverse and thriving place at the heart of the community.” – Magdalena Micko, Head of Marketing at iZettle

Editors Notes:

What is SaveTheHighStreet.org

SaveTheHighStreet.org is a coordinated industry-wide movement to support and empower every local shopkeeper nationwide, accelerating the whole high street’s transition to a better connected, digitally enabled and more sustainable high street. SaveTheHighStreet.org with Industry Leaders and Retailer Advisory Board comprised of 120+ shopkeepers nationwide is designing first-ever Industry Standards ‘by the retailer for the retailer’. These standards provide independent shopkeepers the necessary information to succeed on today’s high street. Industry Standards outline 10 categories around successful modern retailing according to the Connected Digital High Street Manifesto (2016).


Why SaveTheHighStreet.org?


Shopkeepers Are Being Hit From Every Angle

Many independent shopkeepers say they are already being hit from every angle, and in addition to rates; rents, inflation, rising minimum wage, trade prices, road works, parking and increased competitive pressures from online global giants like Amazon, it is increasingly hard to set up and succeed as a local shopkeeper. Unprepared to deal with these challenges shopkeepers are evaluating their options, risking mass flight of independent business from the high street.


Appear Here is the leading online marketplace connecting landlords with brands, retailers and entrepreneurs who wish to rent space to make their ideas happen. Appear Here currently lists space in some of the top retail destinations and cities in the UK and France, including London, Manchester and Paris and leading stores such as TOPSHOP TOPMAN’s global flagship store, 214 Oxford Circus. Appear Here give everyone from start-ups (Away and Lyst) to designers (Kanye West and Marina London) and international brands (Google, Apple and Net-a-porter) the chance to take an empty space, share an idea and create a movement. Over 80,000 brands have signed up to Appear Here, giving them access to over 4000 high-quality spaces. The company was launched in February 2013 by Ross Bailey. Its backers include Europe’s largest Venture Capital firm Balderton Capital, Forward Investment Partners, MMC Ventures and Meyer Bergman. For more information visit appearhere.co.uk


For the past 117 years bira have been in the corner of independent retailers across all kinds of industries and have built a support team committed to continuing the success of every business we work with. bira work with over 6,500 independent businesses of all sizes, and aim to make every member feel supported, informed and inspired. By joining bira independent retailers receive access to a wealth of business benefits, from free legal advice to preferential card rates, business banking to specialist insurance, tax accountants to music.


City House Media are a London based video production and animation agency, specialising in corporate video, 3D animation, explainer videos, motion graphics and marketing videos. Other brands in their portfolio include, London Filmed, specialists in event media coverage and Ask Folk, a video research subscription service to help you better understand your audience.


We help retailers build offline <> online activation and retention marketing programmes. We assist retailers in building and growing their email marketing database thanks to engaging in-store data capture concepts, and then deploy CRM programmes to drive sales either in-store or online. We work with retailers such as Base Fashion, ILK London, Givenchy, The Entertainer, GODIVA Chocolates and Bon Marché. Our team has more than 20 years experience in email marketing and e-Commerce for retail.


Since launching in 2005, Enterprise Nation have helped thousands of people start and grow their businesses, and, led by founder Emma Jones MBE, Enterprise Nation continues to be the most active UK small business community and a leading campaigning voice for small business. Joining Enterprise Nation connects you with over 70,000 start-up entrepreneurs, small business owners and enterprise experts.


A Google initiative, The Digital Garage, is a multi-million pound programme that provides digital skills training to 200,000 SMEs both online and in person at pop-up training venues across the UK. Free tutorials from Google on everything from your website to online marketing and beyond. Choose the topics you want to learn, or complete the whole online course for a certification from Google and IAB Europe.


Iconeme is a retail technology company offering real-world solutions, established in November 2013. Founded and formed by people in the business of retail for retailers, with over 50 years of experience, allowing for a greater understanding of a retailer’s needs and aspirations. The VMBeacon was designed specifically for visual merchandising and retail environments, bringing together the online virtual world and the bricks and mortar shops. Iconeme creates an exciting in store experience that educates, engages and navigates customers into a shop through window displays, in turn driving sales and delivering analytics.


iZettle offers point of sale solutions, payments, financing and other tools that empower small businesses to play on the same turf as the big players. iZettle’s point of sale solutions make managing your day-to-day operations easier – so you can sell more and focus on what you love. The all-new iZettle Reader takes card and contactless payments in seconds – wherever and whenever. iZettle Advance offers easy access to funding that can help you expand your business in a big way.


Built from one man’s idea for a bus shelter with an advertising panel, and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, JCDecaux is now a leading global outdoor advertising company. We work with independent retailers, franchises and local businesses and place them in front of their target audience. Our channels engage with consumers at the right time in the right place, helping brands stand out from their competitors and influencing consumer purchase decisions. Powered by consumer data and audience insight, our campaigns build brand awareness, drive footfall to stores and traffic to ecommerce sites. We guide brands on which channels and locations to place their message and develop dynamic and contextualised campaigns to encourage greater consumer engagement. We are the trusted media partner for startups, growth businesses and high street and independent retailers.


Lightspeed’s mission is to enable small and medium-sized businesses to thrive by providing industry-leading, cloud-based commerce solutions. Our systems allow independent retailers and restaurateurs to make smarter business decisions, create memorable experiences for their customers, and bring city streets to life. Lightspeed is not just a POS technology solution for independent stores. It’s the oxygen they need to have the same power, the same control and the same agility as businesses ten times their size.


Morplan is the number one supplier to the UK’s retail and fashion industries and with over 5,000 products featured in their catalogue and many more online, they aim to be the one stop shop for all retail customers. Morplan have been around for over 170 years so they know a thing or two about how to serve retailers best. From shopfittings, showcases and display cabinets to carrier bags, hangers, clothes rails and tickets, retailers big and small can find everything needed to run a successful retail business. For a really professional finish, many of Morplan products can be printed with your company name or logo and, if what you need is totally unique, they can often source exactly what you’re looking for from their army of suppliers. Morplan products are available via a 500 page catalogue, a user-friendly website and four stores – located in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow. The Morplan in-house sales teams are on hand to take orders and answer questions.


PocketHighStreet is the 1st open platform for the Digital High Street, promoting local shops and their real time stock across popular online newspapers, city guides, business directories, blogs, mobile apps, social influencers, marketplaces and much more.


Radford Accessories was established 40 years ago as a Wholesaler of Fashion Jewellery. After a period of sustained growth they are now one of the UK’s largest and most established importers and distributors of fashion accessories; this includes jewellery, hair accessories, handbags, purses, scarves, belts and umbrellas. We are enjoying great success with many leading multiple retailers across the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Revive & Thrive is the largest organization in the UK representing towns and cities and other places in the UK.  As well as being a membership organization bringing best practice and solutions to all centres, Revive & Thrive has a highly experienced and respected team delivering place management projects and BIDs UK wide.  The Revive & Thrive Team proposition, therefore, is as simple as it sounds.  We work with passionate people, place experts and town solution providers so that together we can make our places great.


The .UK Domain operated by Nominet supports and advises more individuals and businesses getting online with a professional website and email address to help them stand out and enhance their visibility. Nominet is an internet company delivering public benefit and is the trusted guardian of the UK namespace – one of the world’s largest country code registries. Nominet manages and runs the infrastructure for over 10 million domain names that end in .uk as well as Welsh Top Level Domains (TLDs) .cymru and .wales. Over 3 million businesses and millions more consumers, rely on its domain registry services. It has a team of 150 people based in Oxford and London and over 2,500 members. With the proceeds of its successful registry business, Nominet setup and supports the charitable foundation Nominet Trust, the UK’s leading social tech funder. More information about finding a great domain name and getting online can be found at www.theukdomain.uk/.


Universal Display is a leading manufacturer of mannequins, bust forms and display products.

Founded in 1951, it has remained in the same family ownership since. A global business with offices and showrooms in London, New York and Xiamen. Their UK factory, design/development department and warehousing/distribution centre is in West London, with distribution hubs on both the East and West Coast of the USA. Universal Display have been manufacturing since the 1980’s. Universal Display sculpt and produce all their own master mannequins and moulds in their London studio for production in their joint venture factory in China. All mannequin development is handled in London, and they are one of the only mannequin manufacturers in the world that offers a fully bespoke service to clients with quick turnaround and control.


Vendorcom Europe is a multi-stakeholder membership organization that connects seekers, solvers and shapers in the European Payments Community. It has helped shape the collaborative/competitive landscape in payments since launching in 2003 and has developed its reputation over the past 13 years by establishing itself as Europe’s definitive forum for keeping in touch with the what’s what and who’s who in payments. It is the most trusted, independent forum for suppliers and users of payments in Europe. Vendorcom is a single point of authoritative, credible, independent information and is the focal point for organisations who are part of, or want to engage with, the European Payments Community, and are seeking to understand the dynamics of this diverse sector and its widespread national and regional variances.


Verifone Media are experts in taxi advertising, combining the broadcast benefits of traditional out-of-home with affordable, cutting edge digital technology on the interior and on top of iconic black cabs. The Verifone media DigitalTop network achieves 3.8 million plays over a 2 week period, and is able to position a brand’s message at the heart of a desirable London audience. Verifone’s interior screens cover a network of 2,000 London taxis, providing passengers with advertising and informative, relevant content. Operating on iconic taxis on both sides of the Atlantic, Verifone Media is also the leading taxi advertising brand in New York City.


XLN supplies phone, broadband, card processing, gas and electricity exclusively to small businesses all over the UK. Founded by Christian Nellemann in 2002, it’s helped more than 250,000 small businesses to save a combined total of more than £1 billion on their utility bills. In 2016, XLN launched XLN Wi-Fi – a free public Wi-Fi service for its broadband customers. In Spring 2017, it became the UK’s biggest free public Wi-Fi network, with more than 20,000 hotspots and 1 million registered devices.


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