Our lovely friends over at Vendorcom are the most trusted, independent forum for suppliers and users of payment systems in Europe. So when they share information and resources with us we pay attention. Vendorcom were kind enough to share these PCI Security Standards Council Payment Protection Resources. We just knew we had to share them you all as well.

If you have small business partners or customers then these payment protection resources are for you. They provide simple guidance on how to keep payment data safe. There are 4 different payment resources to download and we have them all for you.

1 – Guide to safe payments 

A simple guide to help you understand the risks to your business and ways to help protect against payment theft. Download your copy here. 

2 – Common Payment Systems

This guide with help identify all the common types of payments systems. The risks associated with them and the actions you can take to protect your business. Download your copy here.

3 – Questions to ask your Vendors

Here you will find a lis of common vendors that small business rely on. You will also be provided with questions you can ask to make sure the are protecting customer payment data. Download your copy here. 

4 – Glossary of Payment and Information Security Terms

Last but not least there is a easy-understand guide that explains all the technical terms used in payment security. Download your copy here. 

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