This week, we’re launching a podcast channel dedicated to sharing ideas for local businesses and community champions on the Coronavirus-era high street.

If you’ve been following us on social media, you might have noticed our Idea of the day video series that kicked off last week. We’ll be turning lots of these video clips into audio podcasts.

We’ll also be adding new content such as interviews with local business owners and industry experts on our High Street Advisory Board.

Like radio, podcasts are great for listening to while you do other things, making it easy for you to tune in for bite-sized or longer episodes about everything from cost-cutting tips to revenue opportunities to community initiatives and much more.

We are now live on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Anchor.fm –

Click here to listen on Spotify
Click here to listen on Google Podcasts
Click here to listen on Anchor.fm

In other news this week…

We are still collating comments and requests from SaveTheHighStreet.org members about Government support. Thank you to everyone who’s already shared. If you’d like to have your say too, click reply to this email and let me know what you’d like the Government to do for your business, high street or high streets in general.

We are also now rolling out new support programmes for local business owners, local champions and local authorities in the UK. There’s more information about 2 of these programmes below.

Happy Easter!

Alex Schlagman
Founding Partner, SaveTheHighStreet.org

End-to-end support for high street business owners

Last week, we launched the first end-to-end COVID-19 support programme for local independent business owners in the UK.

We will be working closely with each business on the programme for at least 12 weeks to develop and implement a new and highly personalised plan. This plan will focus on weathering the Coronavirus storm; considering everything you could be doing to protect, adapt and even grow your business in 2020.

Click here to see details about the programme and apply

Local-Local Delivery on every high street

Last week, we also launched a full-service solution for Local-Local Delivery that can be switched on quickly for most high streets across the UK.

This is delivered (excuse the pun) in partnership with Local Authorities, courier networks, online marketplaces, local community champions, media influencers and every eligible local high street business on any defined high street.

If you’re a Local Authority at any level and want more information about this, send an email to localdelivery@savethehighstreet.org

If you want effective Local-Local Delivery on your high street this month, drop us a line or pass this email onto your council.