On the 26th of September we launched our quest to find Britain’s Best Shop Window. #BestShopWindowUK

Our aim is to celebrate and champion the independent high street businesses across the United Kingdom who go the extra mile with their shop window displays.

Thank you everyone who has entered and shared the competition so far, you’re wonderful people!

We have been really impressed by the entries to date.

Entries close soon for the first shortlist on the 26th of October.



Need help with your shop window display?

Check out our Industry Insiders, John Abbate & Jonathan Berlin.

They are the guru’s of the industry who have shared some of their wisdom with us.

John Abbate

“Window display is an art so the basic rules of proportion, composition, colour and focus apply at the basic level. Unlike a painting or photo though, they are 3 dimensional and seen from different angles, the mover is walking past so this must be considered. But windows are much more than this. They are a sales, marketing and brand building tool. It is the face of the brand as much as the marketing and digital identity are.”

Read John’s interview here

Jonathan Berlin

“When a consumer walks past a shop window they need to be drawn into it. It needs to reflect the retailers’ brand and whatever message they are trying to portray. It needs to tell a story or trigger a thought in the consumers mind. Whether that be something dramatic or something quite simple, it needs to set a tone for the consumer to understand.”

Read Jonathan’s interview here



We will follow everyone on Instagram and Twitter who uses the hashtag #BestShopWindowUK on their posts.

Also, We will be announcing more judges for the competition over the next couple weeks, so keep an eye out for more updates.



Does your business, or a business owner that you know have what it takes to be crowned Britain’s Best Shop Window?

Please share the competition with them, we are grateful for all of your support.

You can visit the competition page here