Industry Leaders Vend give you tips on how to increase your retail sales by Upselling and Cross-Selling.

If this is the first time year are hearing these terms then here are some definitions to help. Upselling means offering a more expensive version of an item, think of this as offering an upgrade while Cross-selling is offering a relevant product to the one a customer already intends to purchase. An example would be offer a pair of sock with a shoe purchase. 

How to Upsell and Cross-Sell in Retail. Picture by Hunter Johnson

Both of these technique if done in the right manner can increase retail sales and help customers. The key to upselling and cross-selling is not coming across as pushy, offering customers items that are relevant and making sure customers feel like they are getting value.

Our friends at Vend suggest that you consider the following three things before trying these techniques out on your customers.

1.Are you offering products that compliment the ones your customer intends to purchase?

Upselling and Cross-selling is only going to work if you are offering a) a product that compliments their purchase or b) a better version of what they already intend to buy.

2. Are you offering a product that is of use to your customer?

You may be able to come up with a number of add-ons that compliment a product but what you really need to ask yourself is. Is this product useful to my customer? Get to know you customers. Find out what they are going to use the product they are purchasing for and if you have an add on in mind that could really help them out then mention it to them.

3. Is the customer open to spending more?

If someone comes in and makes it clear they are on a budget then it is best just to respect their their wishes and leave it at that.

We would like to thank Vend for these helpful tips to increase our retail sales.

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