One of the most important aspects of running a business is to manage your local shop accurately in a time-effective manner

With a proper system, you can track when your team is working; you can track your team’s hours and make sure everyone is paid properly, without dedicating too much of your own time. Getting a proper system, to manage accounts, will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

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Retailers have different means and measures of managing their accounts, in ways that work best for them. We spoke to Andy Logan of Vape Emporium and Alexander Thompson of Organic Wine Club on how they look after their finances and different ways of funding their business.

We explored the option of getting funding from the banks…but you don’t get the support that you do with a private investor.

Andy and Alexander have found ways to manage their shops without sacrificing their own time and money. With the right tools, managing your accounts doesn’t need to be a daily concern. They talked about Loyalty Lion, Deputy and Xero.

Andy Logan is the founder of Vape Emporium. His shop offers premium products and a high quality service that local residents love. It is the UK’s leading electronic cigarette retailer, with vape shops in London at Hampstead and Richmond. Hence, they’ve collected and tested all the best quality vaping supplies you could need, including premium & gourmet e-Liquids, high-powered box mods, and vape pipes.

Alexander Thompson is the Store Manager and Online Retailer at Organic Wine Club. They are an independent organic wine retailer that cares deeply about organic produce, soulful and delicious natural wines. The fantastic wines are made naturally, without additives, sulphites or preservatives.

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