Pop ups are the buzz of the cities. Their unique products and services cause a mini craze among consumers and are always in high demand. We spoke to Becky Jones from Appear Here, who explains the benefits of pop ups, how to test which locations work best for you, cost efficiency and how pop ups are ‘the cheapest billboards you’ll ever have.’

Becoming a Pop-Up means getting discovered

Pop-Ups are interesting. Pop-Ups are fun. The excitement of a newly opening shop can drive customers right to your store-front. Even if they don’t know anything else about you, except that you’re a pop-up. Of course, you need to have interesting products for customers to purchase, but as a pop-up, newly opened on the high street, you’re already interesting enough to get new customers through the door.

This excitement that a new pop-up can cause is also a great way to spread the word about your business. As Becky points out, having a pop-up can be cheaper than renting a billboard. It can be more effective than hiring add space. Setting up shop on a trendy high street is a great way to get discovered and the customers that find you and fall in love with your shop will be happy to follow you if you decide to move on.

A newly opened pop-up shop, Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

And there are going to be more in future…

Due to the shortening of the average lease length, many high streets will be seeing more mobility in the near future. This means more opportunities for pop-ups to move around and more of a reason to become a pop-up. This is good news for a growing business, as moving between high streets can let you test locations for long-term viability. It’ll also broaden your consumer base. Moving to a new location means moving to a new audience. This means new customers. And arriving with all the fanfare of a trendy new pop-up will get you discovered by these customers. So even if you decide to move on, you’ll be leaving behind a lasting impression and maybe taking some loyal customers with you.

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