Consumer trust is a huge issue in retail. It’s the foundation of sales. Without trust, a purchase becomes a risk, with your customer weighing up the chance that they’ll regret the purchase later, against the incentives for purchase. Customers are willing to take a risk, but only on products that have been heavily discounted. This means that consumer trust is worth a whole lot to your shop. Customers will be more open to purchasing your products, and will be willing to pay more for each product, if they can trust the business they’re buying from.

We spoke to Neil Dagger of the UK Domain (operated by Nominet) about the impact that a shop’s online presence can have on consumer trust.

Online Visibility and Consumer Trust

In the above video, Neil Dagger talks about the impact that your online presence can have on customers. In particular, the question of having social media vs having a dedicated website is answered. Don’t just wonder to yourself about what online could do for you. Let an industry leader share his knowledge.

Being online is an essential part of being in business

And bear in mind that your online presence is there to support your real-world shop. You don’t need to sacrifice your bricks-and-mortar establishment for a new, flashy online shop. When it comes to the modern consumer, the online side of your shop needs to show and tell. Your offline store is where the sales happen.

They do their research online, but with a very strong intention to purchase offline

A sign evoking consumer trust with a handshake, Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

The UKDomain.uk is an organisation operated by Nominet, working to help UK small businesses thrive in an ever more online-active world.

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