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5 ways to make sure your business is Coronavirus ready

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The effects of the Coronavirus have already had a dramatic impact on the way we live, leading to a lot of uncertainty and fear for the future.


Many people are self-isolating in their homes in an attempt to ‘flatten the curve’ and reduce the risk of passing the virus on to their loved ones. Vulnerable members of the community, such as the elderly and immunocompromised, are at a higher risk and heavily rely on community support for basics such as access to food, supplies and companionship.


Being able to cater to the needs of your community, no matter what position they’re in, will really make your business shine. You have something that your competitors don’t; the chance to position yourself as a pillar of support to your local community. This is especially important now when people are isolated and worried.


Although people love online shopping for the convenience (and now necessity), they’re also fully aware of the importance of supporting independent businesses and are increasingly led by ethics instead of price. 


By implementing simple tips, like those outlined below, you can cater to the needs of your local and global community, giving your business a firm foundation to not-only survive this period but to thrive.



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Set up or join your local community group


Setting up or joining a local community group will allow you to contribute to the collective effort by caring for vulnerable members of your community as well as making sure your business has support at times of crisis. There are many types of community groups who can provide support throughout the year and in extraordinary situations, including traders’ associations, residents’ association, as well as local community discussion groups.


Although it’s not directly related to making sales, by supporting your community and doing what you can to underline your role within your community, strengthening your relationships and reputation in the long run.


You can set up a community group easily on Whatsapp, Facebook or email. If you’re not sure if one already exists, check in with your council or local Facebook pages and groups.


Offer local delivery 


For customers within a certain radius, offering local delivery (by foot or bike to be green) can make it easier for people to shop with you, especially when they’re unable to leave their house. 


To be attentive to the suggested health precautions, you can leave the parcels on peoples’ doorstep and take payments online or in other ways to avoid direct contact.


You can make up for the lack of face-to-face interactions with a personalised note and a way for them to contact you if they need anything. Consider leaving a telephone number for elderly members of your community.


Create a care package  


Creating care packages to be delivered locally when people are unable to travel or leave their house will allow you to keep running your business as you support and strengthen your ties with your community.


You can either create a care package with your top essential products, or even collaborate with other businesses on your high street to make sure you’ve got the basics covered.


Set up your ecommerce website 


‘Ecommerce’ simply means offering an online shopping portal to your customers. This can be added to your website as another page, making it easier for people to find, browse and purchase your products or services.


Offering an ecommerce option allows you to appeal to a wider range of people, tell more people about your products, and share your promotions and sales easily. 


Online shopping is vitally important during this period as people will need to order deliveries rather than go to physical stores due to self-isolation.


Host online events


Hosting online classes, webinars, workshops or parties makes it easier for you to connect to a wider audience from a distance and provides a prime opportunity to get creative on a budget.


By doing this, you can provide entertainment and value to your community, improve your brand image and reputation, and bring new and existing customers to your business. That, and it could be an added revenue stream!


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We’ll be posting recommendations regularly over the coming days and weeks to help you to make sure you are doing everything you can to ensure the success of your business during this difficult period.


These tips will include everything from getting your business running online to hosting virtual events, as well as giving you ideas on how to make sure everything is running smoothly in your everyday operations, with staff, and how to apply for local and government support.


If you want extra support to make these recommendations a reality, we have created a programme designed to help businesses navigate through the current challenging environment and achieve their potential going forward. We cover every step that needs to be taken to ensure the success of your business, making the most of new technologies and expert advice.


Click here to find out more about Jo or book a call with one of our consultants to see how we can work together to help your business thrive.


In the meantime, join in the discussion with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!