All retailers have customers they know and customers they don’t. There are customers who wander around the shop, browsing and talking and eventually buying. And there are customers who march in, make a purchase, and march back out again. Yet regardless of which group they fit into, these are all customers. They’re all part of your shop’s community. They all spend their money with you. They’re all interested in what you have to sell. But how do you keep them coming back? How do you keep them loyal?

Loyalty Problems and Solutions

There are plenty of strategies for driving loyalty. But most of these require you to keep contact with your shoppers, who don’t necessarily want to give up their contact info. Others require the use of a loyalty card, but no customer wants to carry a dozen different cards around, for all the shops they visit. CashbackAPP, seen in the above video, are a company that’s trying to deal with these problems. With loyalty rewards tied to their bank cards, customers don’t have to carry around a special loyalty card. Nor do you have to gather all their private contact info. You can simply let your customers buy your products with their bank card and you’ll both reap the rewards. It’s not just about loyalty either; making loyalty and rewards smooth for your shoppers also improves the customer experience.

S customer showing loyalty, Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

Loyal customers will come back to your shop again and again. Spending their valuable time, and equally valuable money, at your shop, on your products. Loyal customers go much further to support their local stores than disinterested customers. If you can bring shoppers back in to your shop, whenever they’re out, you can build a community of dedicated, loyal customers. Which is a very powerful thing.

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