These days most companies, regardless of sector, are hosting events. Whether these events are conferences, seminars, networking mornings or just plain old fashioned drunken parties, everyone’s hosting these days. Yes, even retailers. And really, it should come as no surprise. Of all the industries that could be hosting events, retail is the one that has the potential to do the best job of it. Shops are already very interesting places, especially unique, passionate independent shops. You already have a space filled with the wonderfully interesting products that tempt and entice your customers. Do you sell wine? Have a tasting evening. How about clothes? Host a party to show off the latest products you’ve just ordered in.

But you might ask why. Why should you host an event in your shop? Well we’ve come up with three big reasons why in-store events can be a major win for retailers.

Media Attention and the Press

Any properly planned and hosted event has the ability to attract significant media attention to your store. Invite some local press, who’ll be very happy to attend a local event, especially in an interesting independent local shop. You can also consider inviting some critics. If you’re in the hospitality sector or produce unusual food and beverages, then you could attract some interest from critics, columnists or even specialist bloggers. Though this isn’t just for the foodies out there, there are specialist press for all sectors, from fashion, to cars and motorbikes, from toys to beauty products. And these specialist press can be very influential in their sector.

Increase Foot Traffic and Sales

Events are a great way to grow your customer base by attracting the kind of prospective customers that wouldn’t usually have come to your store, but may be interested in your products. If you can attract their interest with an event in your store, you may find that they keep coming back, for the products they fell in love with at the event. This is one of the great opportunities that comes with hosting an event. You can put some of your products in the spotlight and really bring attention to the things you’re most looking to sell and the products that will most attract customers back. And on top of this, an event is a great time to show your products off. Everyone is a little more attractive with a little bubbly dancing down your veins.

Champagne at an event, Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

Create Valuable Connections

Local events also help to create valuable connections.  As above, you can connect with prospective customers, who didn’t know they were interested in your products until they were invited along to an event in your store. But you’ll also attract possible business partners. Whether they’re suppliers or advertisers, or potential investors, everyone’s up for a party! So why wait to run into these people somewhere? Bring them to you by hosting an open event at your shop.

So hosting an event in your store can be a great way to grow your customer base by attracting customers in, as well as attracting press to your shop, who will have an interesting event in a local independent to write about when they leave. It’s a good means of building your personal connections and growing your professional community. And it’s just generally a lot of fun at the end of the day.

If you have any questions about how to host an event in your shop, please feel free to get in touch!