With over a billion monthly users, Facebook is no longer a regular platform. It is a compulsory platform for any business who wants to engage in any marketing strategy. As a business owner, having a Facebook page gives you access to a huge audience of users worldwide who are likely to be interested in your business.

Your interaction with your customers on your page enables customers to know your business and helps create a personal relationship with them. Below are a series of instructions on how to set up your ideal business page, optimised for success:

The Page Name and Description

Your page name should be your business name or any other name that people may use to find your business. Bare in mind what existing customers might search for to find you, as well as what other consumers, who don’t know about you yet, might search to find your products.

Briefly describe your business and the services it provides in the about section. Don’t go overboard on this section. Keep it concise, but make sure to cover all the services your business offers.

Business Profile Photo and Cover Photo

This is an important aspect in ensuring your Facebook page is very appealing. Here, choose photos that best represent your business well. You can use your logo as your ‘profile’ photo and an image of your store as your ‘cover photo’, for example. Ensure that the picture is very clear and of high quality.

Call to Action

You should add a call to action button at the top of your page. This is the action you want people to take when they visit your page. The call to action button should direct your page visitors to do something. Send them to your website, for example. Or let them phone your shop, or view your products.

Publish Your Page

Publish your page after you have finished setting it up. You can make sure people only see your page when it’s finished by keeping it unpublished during construction. Also, remember to turn on messaging on your page before you publish it so you can connect with customers one-to-one. It makes it easy for people to contact your business with questions and feedback.

Measure Your Growth

Understand your page’s results by clicking on ‘insights’ at the top of your page to see how people are engaging with your business on Facebook. You’ll learn how many people your posts are reaching, what your viewers are liking most and much more.


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If you have any more questions about setting up a Facebook business page, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here.