What inspired you to start The Pet Shed?

I have always been an animal lover and had lots of pets. I also had a desire to work for myself and after much thought I hit on the idea of combining these 2 things. A local shop came up for sale but it wasn’t quite right for me, then a friend offered to lend me the money to start a shop from scratch and I went for it! After 23 year of working as an accountant in the NHS the opportunity was too good to miss, but it was a gamble and a big leap of faith!

What’s been the biggest digital challenge you have faced as a retailer?

Platforms such as Facebook changing the way posts appear in feeds. Connecting with customers through digital channels is becoming more and more difficult and you really have to understand what it is your customers are more likely to connect with in order to get the coverage. I also
struggle with finding the time to post but do try and build it into my day.

If you could learn more about one area of digital business, what would it be?

Using applications to schedule posts. I currently use Buffer (when I m feeling organised!) but would like to try out some others

What do you believe needs to be done to save our high streets?

Getting the message across that small doesn’t mean expensive. I am considerably cheaper than my nearest supermarket style pet shop but I know some potential customers have never even been through my door because they assume I am expensive.

What is the best bit of advice you could give to someone who is looking to start their first high street retail business?

Ask for help before you set up, during and afterwards. Never stop learning from your customers, other businesses and experts

What are your future ambitions for The Pet Shed?

To continue to increase my turnover within the confines of my shop and educate more and more pet owners about ,making healthy choices for their pets.

Where can we find out more about The Pet Shed?

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Pet-Shed-BrightonInstagram https://www.instagram.com/thepetshed/
Twitter https://twitter.com/PetShedBrighton
Website www.thepetshedbrighton.co.uk