Meet Jo – The digital assistant for local businesses.

We have some exciting news.
The 1st digital assistant for local businesses launches this week, and its called Jo.

Jo has been in development for over six months with support from 100s of independent shopkeepers, dozens of industry experts and a growing network of local high street champions nationwide. 

Jo helps local high street businesses grow footfall and sales by achieving goals such as: 

  • Get listed everywhere online
  • Improve your online reviews
  • Have the tech tools you need
  • Get discovered in search engines
  • Build your social media community
  • Increase local customer loyalty
  • Cross-promote local businesses
  • Know your local market
  • Grow local eCommerce sales
  • Sell in online marketplaces
  • Optimise advertising spend
  • Have the funding you need

Jo provides a personalised plan with top tips from other local businesses and a range of solutions to achieve each goal; with or without outside support.

Are you a local high street business in the UK?

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Andy Logan, co-founder of Vape Emporium (Richmond, Hampstead, Chiswick) says:
“Having a good presence online helps us increase footfall. Jo showed me the websites I should be listed on and then added us to all the missing ones. I couldn’t believe how many it came up with! We’re now looking at the other ways Jo can help us grow local sales, over the coming months, which I’m really excited about.”

Alex Schlagman, founding partner of SaveTheHighStreet.org says:
“Jo was created to help level the playing field for local businesses on the high street. It brings together the top recommendations for growing local sales into one easy to use tool that’s free to join and personalised to everyone.”