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Landlords is now partnering with landlords of all shapes and sizes; from institutional funds to family estates, SME developers and more. 

We are building a toolkit that can be applied to any high street or shopping centre property asset; providing unique insights and support for any vacant and occupied unit.

Working together

Repopulating vacant units

We run campaigns to find and recruit the right tenant for each vacant unit, while providing unique analytics and business support to sustainably increase occupancy and income for the long term.

Helping tenants succeed

We provide dedicated new support using JO to help your tenants achieve their potential; reducing failure rates, stimulating footfall, and increasing income for everyone.

High street intelligence

We are collecting unique data to improve tenant mix curation, turnover rent analytics, risk evaluations and new investment opportunities for landlords.

Trading property assets

We help landlords buy and sell their property assets, with industry-wide insight, off-market deal flow and a growing network of like-minded property investors.

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