Local Authorities

We are in the most transformational period in the history of high streets. 

SaveTheHighStreet.org works closely with local authorities to ensure high streets reopen safely, recover quickly, build resilience and transform positively. 

Working together

Business support programmes

We combine our market-leading technology, content and insight to radically improve the economics and impact of local business support interventions.

Support for other stakeholders

We engage, mobilise and support local community champions, landlords, startups, suppliers and other local high street stakeholders.

Repopulating vacant units 

We get the right businesses in the right places doing the right things; with startup incubators, meanwhile use innovations, reimagined department stores and more. 

Enabling High Street 3.0

We work alongside our local authority partners to enable better connected, digitally enabled, more dynamic high streets, now and for the future. 

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