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Local Businesses exists to level the playing field for local businesses on the high street. 

We are launching dedicated new support for retailers, restaurants, salons, cafes, galleries, pubs, bakers and all other independent local businesses in the UK.

Working together

JO – the high street assistant

We built JO to help local businesses achieve their top goals; from increasing footfall to reducing costs, selling online, securing funding, and much more.

Local support programmes

We deliver personalised, hand-on, premium business support on dozens of high streets for free; all powered by JO and funded by our other partners.

Rent-free space & support

We provide rent-free space (for 4-12 weeks) and launch support (powered by JO) in a growing number of U.K. shopping centres and high streets.

High Street Advisory Board

We formed the High Street Advisory Board to give small local businesses a big voice and to understand what it takes to succeed on the high street.

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