Meet Urb-it, the latest on-demand shopping and lifestyle app, and the most eco-friendly and personable shopping service across London.

Urb-it lets customers shop on their mobile through an array of London’s boutique retailers and have their purchases brought to them by an ‘Urber’ at a time and location of their choice. With over a hundred ‘Urbers’ on-hand in London and growing, purchases aim to be collected and handed over within an hour, which means no waiting for a delivery or worrying about Click&Collect.

Urb-it’s fully trained ‘Urbers’ collect and handover using only public transport and their feet, meaning there is zero environmental impact from the collection and handover process. It’s a completely green way of bringing on-demand delivery to your business.

It’s like having your own app, all of your products will be featured at the touch of a fingertip.

And the best part is the first two months are commission-free, exclusively for SaveTheHighStreet.org!

After the first two months, commissions are agreed upon with retailers for each sale made through the Urb-it app and the customer paying the Urber charge of £9.99