Allowing the option for customers to book designated time slots will help you to operate whilst maintaining government social distancing guidance.

You can easily add an online booking feature to your website, with a calendar for your customers to see, or simply allow people to call up in advance to choose a time slot. It’s also an effective way for you to keep track of demand and get to know your customers individually, cultivating a deeper relationship with your local community!

Recent studies show that over 70% of customers prefer online booking options and the number is likely to increase amidst the COVID-19 regulatory measures (SaaS and SMB, 2018).

The number of people you allow in at any given time will depend on the size and nature of your business. You can also operate appointment systems at the door, using your own online system on a tablet or phone, enabling you to serve all of your customers- even the ones who are not mobile users.

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