JIOTD – Train your Staff on Brand Through Social Media

More than eight out of ten retailers are active on Facebook (SaveTheHighStreet.org Recovery & Resilience Health-Check 2020) and other social media platforms. In many posts are written by both the proprietor and colleagues, so it’s critically important that everyone who posts on behalf of the business does so in a “tone of voice” that’s always consistent with the image of the retailer.

Changing tone from one post to the next can undermine the sense that the posts embody what the business is saying, just as they would if an individual changed tone from post to post. The “voice” of the business is a key part of the personality of the business.

As social media is now such a fundamentally important part of the marketing identity of a shop it’s worth considering bringing in expert, professional help to train everyone who can post how to maintain that consistency, improve content and avoid pitfalls.

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