Retail has changed, in recent times. With advances in technology disrupting how retailers handle everything, from payments, to marketing, to supply. Furthermore, these technological changes translate into cultural shifts, towards a more socially connected youth and a more internet-active society. As a small business in modern times, it can seem difficult to harness these changes for the better. Shinali, of Sefgrove Pharmacy, spoke with xln as a part of their series on UK small businesses, to share her experience.

 Store owner Shinali shares her experience of running a small business in modern times

Small Business in Modern Times

First and foremost, in her video, Shinali brings up the necessity of a working broadband connection. This is something everyone needs, with more and more services moving online. The broadband connection represents a link to the outside world that lets Shinali electronically handle prescriptions. Consequently, losing this link means losing money, as the pharmacy can’t handle prescriptions, and losing customers in the long-term.

As a small business in modern times, the internet connection is a connection to infrastructure that keeps your business running. Making sure you have a good provider is hugely important. This isn’t just because of the connection strength they provide, but because when the connection goes down, they give you great customer service to help get it back online.

Last but not least watch Shinali’s experience of running a small business in modern times here.

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