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SaveTheHighStreet.org is working hard to secure the best offers from across the industry to improve your business.

cashbackAPP – Modern, No-Hassle Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty doesn't have to mean dozens of fiddly loyalty cards. It doesn't have to mean convincing customers to fill out lengthy forms, full of sensitive information. You don't have to ruin your in-store experience just for a simple rewards scheme. With...

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10% OFF Advertising Over £1,000 With Geode

This is an opportunity to get discovered by thousands of consumers. Geode is providing native advertising for SaveTheHighSTreet.org members, at a 10% discount for orders over £1,000. Allowing you to get discovered all over the web, put your shop's brand up on the...

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FREE FOR 12 MONTHS: Unlimited business broadband and calls

Why choose XLN? Because they understand how important it is for British small businesses to have reliable and affordable essential services. It's important that everything 'just works', that switching suppliers is easy, problems are solved fast, and you are protected...

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WIN £3,000 to Design Your Shop

Morplan is the number one supplier to the UK's retail and fashion industries. Morplan have been providing these industries with everything from shopfittings and showcases, to tickets and carrier bags, for over 170 years! Morplan have been helping countless UK...

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