Facebook is probably the most used social media platform worldwide and its capabilities when it comes to marketing are endless. Of course, there are tons of other places where business owners can do their marketing, but there’s something unique about Facebook Ads. Unlike Google AdWords where keywords are the main factor for targeting in search engines, Facebook incorporates so many other factors which every marketer must take into consideration for a successful campaign. It’s no longer the Keywords’ game.

Here are three different ways on how to utilize Facebook advertising to increase your reach and ultimately grow your business.

Don’t just rely on one campaign

This is an unexpected hurdle that many marketers fall at. Most people create one campaign and hope it will turn out to be a winner. Facebook ads, like all advertising, are a little unpredictable. Niche differs from niche and so every marketer needs to evaluate their ads for what’s working. This usually takes the form of split testing, where one multiple ads are compared for their effectiveness, in order to find a winning ad (an ad that’s actually pulling in sales).

Build an email list

This is another aspect of digital marketing in general that people overlook. A great percentage of people who click your ad and eventually land on your site won’t purchase any product or service you sell at that moment. With an email list and autoresponder, you can send offers and reminders to prospective customers at predefined intervals of time. This will help increase conversion rate and remind tentative buyers about your enticing products.

Narrow your targeting down to a specific group of people

This might be the most important part of running an effective marketing campaign. You need to target certain consumers, if you want to maximise the impact of your advertising. Rather than just putting an ad out there for everyone to see, target the kinds of consumer that are interested in what you have to sell. When doing your targeting, you want to make sure you aren’t marketing to people who have no interest in what your brand offers. Facebook advertising has very useful filters for that. You are able to choose the age range of people, sex, interests and so on. This means you can make sure the person seeing your Facebook ads is exactly the sort of consumer who’ll be interested in buying your products.

Consumers viewing facebook ads, Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

By following these steps, you can make sure that your Facebook ads campaign is hitting the right users, who already look like a future customer of yours.

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