The world is changing. We hear it all the time; print-media isn’t what it used to be, social media is the new big thing. It’s no longer about big, wide-reaching add campaigns, it’s about small, yet targeted advertising that hits the right sort of people. The retail world is an ever changing place, but something that never goes out of fashion is video. Like denim jeans, classic cars and champagne, video content is always in season.

So What Can Video Content Do For Retailers

Audiences will always welcome video content. Seeing is believing, after all, and your customers would love to see your shop, the way you want it to be seen. Putting your brand out there with video is a great way to engage audiences. A few seconds of video can show a lot of character and your customers will love to get to know you.

Video is a powerful way of reaching out to the world. It can help you stay in your customers thoughts. It can help you show off your brand and your shop to an audience of new customers. It’s one of the best ways to get exposure for your business and your products. Yet so many retailers don’t take advantage of this.

Video content is prepared for filming, Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

So What Sort Of Content Do People Want To See?

The biggest misconceptions with video content is that you need a huge budget to make anything people want to see. You don’t need to produce incredible, scripted advertisements with big special effects budgets. What your customers want to see is your products, your shop and whatever makes you special. A quick video showing your exciting new products, a short vlog about what your shop is up to this week, or a simple video introducing your business. These are all you need to engage your customers.

Show, don’t tell. This is a piece of advice a lot of young businessmen are given. A picture is worth a thousand words, so give your audience something to look at. Use video to spice up your other content. Put videos on your website, in your newsletter, on your facebook page or other social media. We’re using a video to break up the written content on this post you’re reading right now. A quick video can get across a lot of information and help to make lengthy articles more reader friendly.

A person accesses video content on social media on their phone, Photo by Kate SERBIN on Unsplash

So Where Do People Look For Videos?

As Matt Scott mentions in the video above, video content can go anywhere, but there are certain places your audience will be looking for you. An obvious place is in direct contact. If you send email newsletters, or anything similar, to your customers, that’s a great place to put in a video. Similarly, if you connect with your audience through tweets or Facebook posts, you can use video content to drive engagement on these platforms.

Outside of connecting directly with customers, you want to consider your demographics. If you have a younger demographic, you should upload your video content to Youtube or Instagram. These sites are dominated by younger audiences. If your shop sells mostly to young adults and teens, these sites are where you should post your content. If you have a slightly older audience, consider using Facebook as a platform for your video content. Though Facebook is still used by the young, their engagement is higher elsewhere. Meanwhile adults tend to keep an eye on Facebook, but don’t care so much for Youtube or Instagram. One of the great things about video content is it gives your customers something to share. Their friends will be more willing to watch a video than read a dull paragraph of text and video is well supported by social media.

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