Google Analytics is a powerful tool designed to provide valuable insights on your website. From the types of visitors your website receives, to how they move about your site. Google analytics can give you the knowledge you need to grow your following, online, and target more consumers. Google Analytics is one of the most valuable tools, for analysing and growing your website, that independent retailers can’t afford to ignore.

Know where your visitors come from

Google Analytics can help you find the source of your visitors. By tracking where your visitors are coming from, you can know what marketing is most effective for your business. You can see the effect of your newsletters, or social media, or other forms of marketing, on your visitors. Knowing what marketing channels are most effective for your business can help you plan and adapt for the future. You can know what marketing to focus on and you might see that you’re receiving visitors from a source you didn’t expect, that you now know you can use.

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

Track marketing campaigns

By tracking where your customers are coming from you can see what marketing is most effective. By watching your visitor count, over time, you can the spikes caused by effective marketing campaigns. But beyond this, Google Analytics also lets you track how effectively your campaigns prime a visitor to your site to make a purchase, or take another action that you’re looking for. Using Google Analytics, you can set ‘goals’ for your marketing. These goals allow Google Analytics to track how many users that arrive through, say, your newsletter, go on to reach the ‘goal’. By setting the goal as, for example, your ‘transaction complete’ page, where users arrive after making a purchase, you can see which of your various sources of visitors is bringing you the most purchase-ready users.

Understand your other platforms a little better

By checking the analytics on your sources of customers and tracking your goals, you can learn more about your other online platforms, such as social media. Knowing how many visitors come from your other platforms, and knowing how many reach your ‘goals’, can help to supplement your understanding of your audience, on these other platforms. You might see that your Facebook posts are getting the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, but Google Analytics might tell you that, actually, your visitors from Instagram are making the most purchases.


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