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Building a movement


SaveTheHighStreet.org is an industry movement on a mission to ensure diverse and successful high streets, now and for the long term.

The movement launched in August 2016 with the release of a manifesto that laid out a new vision for the high street and how we achieve it together.

Today, SaveTheHighStreet.org is powered by a passionate in-house team, a national High Street Advisory Board (including 250+ independent businesses and 50+ other industry experts), dozens of strategic partners across public and private sector and a fast-growing network of Local Champions across the UK.


Last year


In 2018-2019, we engaged 25,000+ supporters; launching a series of initiatives to empower high streets across the UK. This includes:  

A grass-roots support programme for Local Champions including BIDs, community groups, traders associations and anyone else making a stand for success on their high street. To find out more and join our nationwide community, email localchamps@savethehighstreet.org

A unique digital assistant app called Jo; changing the economics of local business support forever and helping independents to achieve their potential on the high street. To find out more and register visit  JoinJo.com.   

A multi-year research project to answer the question: What does it take to succeed on the high street? Alongside our High Street Advisory Board, we studied each of the 10 pillars from our 2016 Manifesto and a series of key goals for local businesses and community champions.

A wide range of industry-wide partnerships with local and central government, property developers and landlords, media owners and industry innovators, global corporates and pre-launch startups, all focused on transforming and strengthening the high street.


This year


Covid-19 caused unprecedented disruption to the UK high street economy. The worst case scenario for the future of the high street is clear for everyone to experience today.

Through March and April 2020 we led an intensive research project to study hundreds of potential strategies and answer the question: What can local business owners do to survive and even thrive on the Coronavirus-era high street? 

We are delivering a 12 week end-to-end support programme for UK based independent high street businesses, working closely with each business owner to achieve 6 key goals: Reduce your costs, Sell in new ways, Adapt your marketing, Collaborate as a community, Prepare for the future and Fund your business. Click here to find out more.

We are providing free COVID-19 recovery and resilience health-checks for all UK based local business owners. Health-Checks include personalised reports, scores and recommendations as well as a consultancy call with an expert about your Health-Check. Click here to start the Health-Check survey.

We are partnering with Local Authorities to ensure their high street communities have the support they need through this challenging period. This ranges from managed local delivery solutions nationwide to community-led placemaking, PPE supplies to scalable business support programmes. For more information, email partners@savethehighstreet.org.

We are sharing ideas for local businesses and local champions on the Coronavirus-era high street every week through our social media channels and our newsletter.

The road to high street recovery and resilience in the face of COVID-19 has begun. The more of us who join the stronger we all become.