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Building a movement

SaveTheHighStreet.org is an industry movement on a mission to ensure diverse and successful high streets, now and for the long term.

The movement launched in August 2016 with the release of a manifesto that laid out a new vision for the high street and how we achieve it together.

Today, SaveTheHighStreet.org is powered by a passionate in-house team, a national High Street Advisory Board (including 250+ independent businesses and 50+ other industry experts), dozens of strategic partners across public and private sector and a fast-growing network of Local Champions across the UK.

Last year

In 2018-2019, we engaged 25,000+ supporters; developing and launching a series of new initiatives to empower high streets across the UK, including:  

A grass roots programme to support local champions making a stand for success on their high street. 

A unique digital assistant called Jo to support anyone building their business on the high street. Learn more at JoinJo.com.   

An industry-wide research project to study what it takes to increase sales locally and campaigns to showcase good work across our industry.

This year

We are helping retailers, cafes, salons, restaurants, boutiques, newsagents, galleries and other local businesses succeed on the high street.

We are helping traders associations, community groups, town teams, BIDs, and other local champions stimulate sales for their high streets. 

We are helping local authorities, industry innovators, property developers and other stakeholders transform and strengthen the high street.

We are studying the high street from the bottom up, delivering grass-roots local support, developing cutting edge technologies and campaigning for positive change.

Diverse, successful high streets benefit everyone. The more of us who join, the stronger we all become.