Creating engaging content for your website can be a challenge, but it can also be really rewarding and have long term benefits to your business. Here are some simple yet effective ideas for blog posts that can be adapted to suit you and your readers:

Gift Guides

It could be for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or a Baby Shower, but there are always events in the calendar that people need to buy gifts for. People love to read blogs that help them with that process. This is also the perfect opportunity to get creative. It’s Halloween but you have no Halloween themed products? What about a gift guide where everything is black instead? The quirkier the better.

Guest Blogs

Rather than writing your own content, as even the most studious of retailers needs the day off, you can occasionally feature guest blog posts. This is a blog written by a guest, maybe one of your stockists, an influential customer, or even a professional blogger. This helps to bring fresh life to your blog and will attract the audience of the guest writer to your site.


People are inherently nosy and if they missed the chance to go to one of your amazing events, then they will want the opportunity to see what they missed out on! Write about who attended, what the key features were and select the best photos to polish it all off. The guests of the event will also want to read and share blog posts with their friends, especially if there is a picture or a mention of them in it.

Area Guides

You want to champion local shopping as much as possible, and what better way to do that than giving your readers a whole street of reasons to come and visit you. Select the best – and different – stores to you in your local area and create a mini-shopping guide. Extra points for adding in where to eat as well. This is the type of content that other retailers would want to share on your behalf, as it promotes them too.

Customer Reviews

If you have some great testimonials, why not share them? Before people buy, even in person, they often look online for reviews. Give them something good to read. Post testimonials from customers and include images if you can.


Interviews are a really good way to push you outside of your comfort zone and create some amazing content for your customers. Think of someone that they would be interested in, a blogger, a local person of interest, (maybe even yourself) and give a glimpse into their life. Maybe ask where they shop, what their key buys for the next season are going to be and why they love what you do.

Product Launches

If you have just launched something new or got a new stockist, shout about it! Write a blog about your latest in store selection alongside some attractive photos. Don’t just settle for the brand images, take your own and show your readers how great your store really is.

What other blog posts do you think your readers would be interested in?


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