Who Are Bloggers?

Bloggers are owners of websites who write and/or create content to share with their followers and readers. Generally bloggers will fall under one of these categories: Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty or Food. That being said, due to the popularity of blogging you can find a blog on literally any topic. Some simple search engine research will uncover whole online communities on a even the most niche of interests.

What Do Bloggers Do And What Is Content?

Content can be a wide variety of things. Traditionally this would have been words and photos, making up a typical blog post. However, with the development of social media platforms and the capabilities of personal computing compared to 10 years ago, bloggers now create far more than just words. They make videos, graphics, social media posts and full blown ad campaigns for brands. They use their own unique voice and style to make these truly bespoke to their loyal audience.

What Do Bloggers NOT Do?

There are a lot of myths surrounding bloggers and the effect that they can have on your business. They are not a miracle cure-all for your marketing, but neither are they just an internet fad. If worked with correctly they can really improve your brand awareness and give your brand the oomph that it needs. However, bloggers are not advertising agencies with targets and quantifiable results. If you are expecting a direct return on your blogger expenditure, you need to adjust your viewpoint. Blogger relations is an investment and should be a key part of your long term marketing strategy.

How Can I Work With Them?

You can work with bloggers in a wide variety of ways, and often the best ideas come from the blog writers themselves. Many of them have years of experience working with brands and they know the kind of content that works best with their audience.

Put On A Blogger Event

Creating an in-store event and inviting bloggers to attend can be a great way to introduce them to your products and brand. Keep the event short, sweet and interesting. Make sure that it’s something people can write about afterwards. Events are the perfect way to launch new products or ranges,. You will not only get blog posts about the event but most bloggers will also live social media from the event itself.   

Product/Store Review

This is a classic way to work with bloggers. You can invite them to visit your store and try your products, or you can send them a selection of your latest range in return for an online review. Once it is complete, you will have some lovely photos and great content to share on your social media channels and website. Plus, anyone that comes across the review will be directed straight to you.  

Create A Competition

A really great way to increase your brand awareness and attract more customers is to host a competition with a blogger. The blogger would advertise a prize, donated by you, and to be entered for a chance to win, all that people need to do is either enter their email or follow you on social media. More potential customers will be made aware of your brand and you will have their email address to add to your newsletter marketing campaigns.

What are you main concerns when working with bloggers?


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