On-demand delivery is an important issue for modern shoppers. Customers expect a convenient, friction-less shopping experience and giving them the option to receive their purchases ASAP is a great way to give consumers the sort of shopping experience that will leave a positive impression and keep them coming back. But don’t just take our word for it; we spoke to Julia of Totally Swedish about on-demand delivery service Urb-it, which they use in their store.

Totally Swedish were one of the first retailers to use the Urb-it app. Since then, they’ve noticed the growth of the on-demand service. They’ve also noticed a rise in customers, as on-demand services become a more common part of life. As Julia shows, the service is simple enough to get set up on. Once you’re ready, you can start offering your customers the option for on-demand delivery. You might even start seeing a rise in customers that found you on the Urb-it app and have decided to come in and see your shop for themselves.

Do Customers Really Care About On-Demand Delivery?

Well, as it happens, most customers do. In fact, many shoppers could even be persuaded to make a purchase, that they otherwise wouldn’t have, with the option of on-demand delivery. According to this Future of Retail survey, by Walker Sands, 49% of customers would be more likely to make a purchase, if they were offered the option of on-demand delivery. This isn’t just a bonus feature, this is something that can really drive sales. It could be the difference between an interested customer and a successful sale.

Be sure to check out this article, written by Frederick Killander of Urb-it, on the myths surrounding on-demand delivery.

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