Senior Marketing Manager of The UK Domain, Neil Dagger, broke down the misconceptions shared around getting your businesses online. Many small retailers are under the impression that building your domain is time consuming, costly and complicated, however Neil explains how it is the exact opposite.

The internet is there to support you.

It is a resource that you as a local independent shop can use to your advantage. To ignore it is really a fatal mistake.

How Getting Online Can Help Your Local Shop. Picture by Jens Kreuter from Unsplash

The .UK Domain operated by Nominet advises and supports individuals and small businesses getting online with a professional website and email address to help them stand out and enhance their visibility. Nominet is an internet company delivering public benefit and is the trusted guardian of the UK namespace – one of the world’s largest country code registries. For this reason, it manages and runs the infrastructure for over 10 million domain names that end in .uk

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