Industry Standards

This is our content hub. Our content provides independent shopkeepers information to succeed on today’s high street and for generations to come. Industry standards outline 10 categories around successful modern retailing.

FREE FOR 12 MONTHS: Unlimited business broadband and calls

Why choose XLN? Because they understand how important it is for British small businesses to have reliable and affordable essential services. It's important that everything 'just works', that switching suppliers is easy, problems are solved fast, and you are protected...

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WIN £3,000 to Design Your Shop

Morplan is the number one supplier to the UK's retail and fashion industries. Morplan have been providing these industries with everything from shopfittings and showcases, to tickets and carrier bags, for over 170 years! Morplan have been helping countless UK...

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Manage Your Team Efficiently and Save Time with Deputy

Deputy is a powerful staff rota solution that allows managers to rota staff, track attendance and export timesheets directly to payroll platforms. From boutique retail stores to national outlets Deputy saves businesses an average of 30 hours a month in staff admin...

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What Video Content Can Do For Your Business

The world is changing. We hear it all the time; print-media isn't what it used to be, social media is the new big thing. It's no longer about big, wide-reaching add campaigns, it's about small, yet targeted advertising that...

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Enter to WIN £80,000 FREE Advertising With Verifone Media offers £80,000 worth of on-street advertising to local businesses EXCLUSIVELY from Verifone Media. When using Geo-Targeted advertising as a small to medium business you have the potential to reach millions of people walking right outside your shop.

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Urb-it: Busting the Myths Around On-demand Delivery

The explosion of e-Commerce and m-Commerce to meet the ever more exacting demands of today’s customers can be a daunting prospect. How do we even find out what online customers want? Won’t selling on apps reduce my footfall? Isn’t it very expensive and complicated to...

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