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This is our content hub. Our content provides independent shopkeepers information to succeed on today’s high street and for generations to come. Industry standards outline 10 categories around successful modern retailing.

SaveTheHighStreet.org On Channel 5 news this week

The Channel 5 news team came to the village of Barnes in Richmond upon Thames on Monday 14th May to learn about our coordinated campaign to transform and empower high streets in the borough. They spoke to some of the local shopkeepers (Stone by Stone and TrueLove were...

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Industry Insider: Isle of Wight Biltong

Save the High Street Questions, by Sarah Greeff. May 2018 What inspired you to start Isle of Wight Biltong? Meeting another local food producer who started making cheese on the Island sowed the seed of an idea. When we decided it was time to leave Zimbabwe we had to...

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3 Surprising Benefits of Selling Online

There are millions of people searching the internet every day, looking for products and services. Online retail continues to grow, year on year, as customers seek out the convenience that eCommerce offers. Convenience like being able to search and make purchases...

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Top Tips: Express Delivery with Urb-it

Urb-it are a fresh take on express delivery, currently operating in central London. With Urb-it, your deliveries are made by 'Urbers', a community of enthusiasts who take your products by foot, bike or public transport to your customers. This allows you to offer the...

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Independent Retail Successes and Challenges

The esteemed retailers of our Retailer Advisory Board talk about the successes and challenges of modern retailing on the UK high street. Covering topics such as social media and online presence, eCommerce and spreading awareness, staffing issues and more. Hear what...

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On-Demand Delivery Made Easy

On-demand delivery is an important issue for modern shoppers. Customers expect a convenient, friction-less shopping experience and giving them the option to receive their purchases ASAP is a great way to give consumers the sort of shopping experience that will leave a...

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What can Interactive Digital Displays do for Your Store?

These days everything is interactive. With the rising prominence of touch-screen technology, modern shoppers are expecting to be able to interact with any screens they come across. This level of interactivity has become the norm. Whether we’re using self-service...

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Retailer Talks: Connecting Online and In-Store

Everyone is online these days. As a retailer in modern times, you've got to engage customers online and bring them into your bricks-and-mortar store. Fortunately, connecting your online and real-world presence isn't as difficult as it once was. With retail...

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Take command of your online presence

The internet is a hugely important part of modern life. Everyone uses it and everyone is using it more and more as time goes by. The importance of the internet is rising with time. This makes it a hugely important tool for small businesses, especially retailers. Not...

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“From tips on increasing footfall, to improving your shop window, to raising funds, to growing business and much more. We’ll be sharing recommendations on how to grow your business each week.”

Lyndsay King

Co Founder and Community Director at Save The High Street