Industry Standards

This is our content hub. Our content provides independent shopkeepers information to succeed on today’s high street and for generations to come. Industry standards outline 10 categories around successful modern retailing.

Use Local Advertising to Grow Your Business

Local advertising is something we’ve all been on the receiving end of. We've all seen advertising informing anyone walking by that there's a certain cafe or restaurant just round the corner. Letting you know you’re only a few minutes away from their business. This is...

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Sell Your Products All Over the World

All ambitious retailers know that no matter how large your domestic market may be, it’s just a drop in the ocean. There’s a whole world of consumers out there. A whole world of shoppers searching for the right products for them. It’s a big market, but it can be tough...

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Point-of-Sale Software: What Can it Do For You?

Point-of-sale software can do an awful lot for your shop. All the big chains have been using point-of-sale software for years and with retail becoming an ever more competitive field, independents can't afford to fall behind. Currently as few as one in three...

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What Click and Collect Can Do for Your Customers

Click and collect lets customers order online and collect in store. It’s a great way to bridge the online-offline divide. It gives your customers the convenience of browsing your wares online, from the comfort of their own homes, while also bringing those customers...

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What Free Wifi Can Do For Your In-Store Experience

There's no doubt that the world is addicted to the internet. Many people are connected to the net all day, every day. This is something that some business owners are leveraging to their advantage. Many business owners focus on customer satisfaction as one of the major...

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What E-Commerce Can Do To Help Grow Your Business

The internet is for everyone. While there are certain groups of people that are more internet-active than others, everyone is online these days. By selling online, you open your shop up to huge markets of all kinds of people. You aren’t limited by the physical...

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cashbackAPP – Modern, No-Hassle Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty doesn't have to mean dozens of fiddly loyalty cards. It doesn't have to mean convincing customers to fill out lengthy forms, full of sensitive information. You don't have to ruin your in-store experience just for a simple rewards scheme. With...

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Customer Loyalty Through Their Bank Cards

All retailers have customers they know and customers they don't. There are customers who wander around the shop, browsing and talking and eventually buying. And there are customers who march in, make a purchase, and march back out again. Yet regardless of which group...

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