These days everything is interactive. With the rising prominence of touch-screen technology, modern shoppers are expecting to be able to interact with any screens they come across. This level of interactivity has become the norm. Whether we’re using self-service checkouts and kiosks, or consulting touch-screen displays that layout the map of a shopping centre, or even interacting with touch-screen retail displays. These digital displays are something a lot of larger stores have been implementing, over the last few years, to help customers engage with their products. But this advance in retail technology isn’t just for the chains. This is something independents could use to even greater effect.

But why should you care about interactive, digital displays? What could they do for your customer experience? Well, rather a lot, actually.

They Command Attention

Interactive displays are visually appealing. They aren’t static, boring old pictures on your shop wall. Movement grabs the eye and the telltale signs of interactivity (such as on-screen buttons and flashing icons) draw their attention. Customers can’t help but come closer and learn more. It creates that first sense of curiosity in their minds which makes them want to find out more, all with your lovely products on display.

They engage customers

Remember, engagement is what brings sales. A customer might take a passing interest in your store, but unless they engage with your products, you might not be able to sell them anything. With interactive retail displays, creating engagement is a whole lot easier. If your customers can interact with your products, they’ll be more invested in their shopping experience and more likely to buy.

Another thing to consider here is the effect interactive tech can have on how comfortable a customer might be in their shopping experience. Some shoppers prefer to deal with machines. It’s why self-checkouts in supermarkets are taking over. Many shoppers are oddly shy about asking shopkeepers about their products. This means that if they’re interested, but unsure of what they want, they might not ask you or your employees for assistance and may leave without a purchase. Having interactive displays lets customers search for themselves.

Digital Displays Make More of an Impression

Interactivity and visualization. That’s what digital displays are for. They allow for greater engagement through interactivity, but while your customers are interacting with the display they’ll be focusing on the image of your products on screen. This helps to create a lasting impact on shoppers, creating a lasting memory. Leaving this greater impression on your customers will make them more likely to come back to your store in future. On top of this, lasting impressions will also make your customers more likely to talk about your products with their friends.


If you have any thoughts or questions about digital displays, don’t hesitate to get in touch!