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Local Champions

When you champion your local high streets.

We collaborate with communities to become agents of change by developing local traders groups, revitalising vacant spaces, and supporting BIDs, LEPs and other organisations. 

Together we can make a stand for success on your local high streets.

Working together

Setting up traders associations

We partner with Local Champions and Councils to set up new traders groups from scratch; the results have been quite powerful.
From engaging Local Champions, to mobilising, empowering and delivering local initiatives. 

Secure funding together

We work alongside our Local Champion partners to identify and secure the funding required to accelerate high street projects and plans together.

Local Champion mentoring

  We can work with your existing Traders Group to get you to the next stage of success.  We have a team of experts, who are all Local Champions themselves, and have experience and insights into what’s working well across the U.K.  

Local Champions community

We celebrate our high streets with the support of an engaged group of local champions. Join our Facebook community, where we share top tips and help towns drive footfall, occupy vacant properties and create more jobs.

Find out more and become a partner