Local Champions

Local leadership on your local high streets.

SaveTheHighStreet.org offers years of experience supporting community groups, traders associations, local community groups, ward alliances, town teams, chambers of commerce, local councilors and a wide variety of others.

Together we can make a stand for success on your local high streets.

Working together

Setting up traders associations

We have worked with Local Champions to set up new traders associations from scratch and the results have been powerful.
From identifying and engaging Local Champions, to mobilising,  empowering and delivering local initiatives. 

Secure funding together

We work alongside our Local Champion partners to identify and secure the funding required to accelerate high street projects and plans together.

Local Champion mentoring

We can work with your existing Traders Association or other Group to get you to the next stage of success.  We have a team of experts, who are all Local Champions themselves.  We have experience and insights into what’s working well across the U.K.  

Local Champions community

We are building a national community of Local Champions across the U.K. and we’re introducing new ways for the community to interact with each other.  We provide help for your local businesses powered by JO and work in partnership with Local Champions and other stakeholders.

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