One of the best parts of being an independent retailer is the personal connection with your customers

With that personalised customer experience, whether it’s in store or through on-demand delivery, you can get to know your customers and their preferences and create a bond that keeps them loyal to your store. Knowing your community is important for understanding your customers and for connecting with customers who haven’t met you yet.

We spoke to Frederick Killander of Urb-it, the latest on-demand shopping and lifestyle app, and the most eco-friendly, personable shopping service across London. Urb-it engages the community and brings people together through delivering products to customers and hosting regular events. Urb-it’s fully trained ‘Urbers’ collect and handover using only public transport and their feet, meaning there is zero environmental impact from the collection and handover process.

Amazon prime proves that there’s a huge demand for on-demand services. But it’s not something the independent retailing community yet access

Independent retailers can use the Urb-it app to compete with the online companies offering on-demand delivery. With one less barrier to purchases, you’ll see your community of consumers grow. Urb-it has also been cultivating a community of friendly ‘Urbers’. These are the friendly, local faces that will be picking up and delivering your goods, on-demand. This helps put Urb-it and your shop in the right place within your local community.

Urb-it allows you to offer your customers a seamless customer centric shopping experience. Urb-it takes the shop’s brand all the way to the customer – completely on the customer’s terms. To find out more about Urb-it, check out their website here.

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