Managing your team can be a time consuming and demanding process

Not to mention the challenges of scheduling staff in all their different shifts. A newsfeed is now included in Deputy, and this is designed for managers to communicate with their team using posts, attachments, or even request a confirmation that the post was seen. Ultimately, this will save managers with 15 staff, around 30 hours per month. In conclusion managers can focus on more important elements of their business. Time scheduling your staff. Picture by Mitchell Hollande Whether you use pen and paper, excel or a diary system – the work day can be unpredictable and there may be last minute changes within staff. Edwards Simpkins of Deputy gives his tips and advice on how small business can make day to day team management a much easier and smoother process using their services. Edwards also talked about the challenges of scheduling staff.

“A challenge local businesses have is when staff don’t turn up for shifts”

Finally, Deputy is a powerful staff rota solution. They Allow managers to rota staff, track attendance and export timesheets directly to payroll platforms. From boutique retail stores to national outlets Deputy saves businesses an average of 30 hours a month in staff admin time. Join Save The High Street Movement now: https://savethehighstreet.org/join-the-movement Be part of the Retail Advisory Board: https://savethehighstreet.org/retailer-advisory-board Please leave us a comment if you had any thoughts and don’t forget to like and subscribe our Youtube channel. Video produced by City House Media: http://www.cityhousemedia.com/