Urb-it are a fresh take on express delivery, currently operating in central London. With Urb-it, your deliveries are made by ‘Urbers’, a community of enthusiasts who take your products by foot, bike or public transport to your customers. This allows you to offer the convenience of express delivery to your customers in an eco-friendly, ethical manner.

We caught up with Neville James, the managing director of Urb-it, at our High Street Conference, to talk about his tips for high street retailers.

Tips for Modern Retail From Express Delivery Service Urb-it

Neville James touches on some important points for retailers, not just about express delivery, but about understanding your customers and meeting their needs. It’s important to be able to offer things like express delivery for your customers. But it’s also important to make sure everything you offer is working in-sync to give the best possible experience for your customers. Your sales, marketing, data collection and in-store experience should all complement and inform one-another. By connecting the workings of your shop and your marketing strategies like this, you can maximise their effectiveness.

Neville James is working on bringing Urb-it’s brand of alternative, eco-friendly, community-driven express deliveries to retailers across London. If you think Urb-it could be the perfect delivery service for your shop, make sure to check out our special offer on Urb-it deliveries and get your first two months commission free!

If you have any questions at all, about express delivery for your shop, feel free to get in touch.