Local advertising is something we’ve all been on the receiving end of. We’ve all seen advertising informing anyone walking by that there’s a certain cafe or restaurant just round the corner. Letting you know you’re only a few minutes away from their business. This is a form of local advertising that these businesses are using to target local consumers in a way that independents may find very useful.

It’s just this sort of advertising that can really benefit local independents too. Advertising locally means you’re targeting consumers that are already a short walk from your business. It means you’re building your brand locally too. Putting yourself in the minds of local patrons is a good way to grow a community of loyal, local customers.

Local Advertising is More Efficient for Independents

Local advertising is a very efficient means of advertising for independents. This is because local ads will only hit consumers that are already close enough to visit your shop. You won’t find your advertisements going up on billboards or on the sides of busses on the other side of the UK. Your ads will target consumers in your area. This means you won’t be wasting any of your advertising budget on consumers that can’t come by your shop anyway. It’s not such a problem for big chains with shops in every city, but independents need to make sure every penny they spend on advertising is hitting their potential shoppers, in their towns.

Local advertising can make you a part of the community, Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

And it Can Help You Build a Presence in Your Area

You’ll advertise your products, but seeing an advert that says you can buy such a product from a shop around the corner also puts that shop in the spotlight. You’re not just telling people where they can buy your products, you’re putting your shop at the front of their thoughts. Letting them know that you’re a local business. You’re building your shop’s presence in the local community.

This is important for independents. A big part of why some people will only shop independent is because indie retailers form a part of their community that big chains never could. It’s something that can really set an independent apart from the big brands. You’re not just another shop, you’re a part of the community. This is something that should never be underestimated. It can turn one-off shoppers into loyal customers. Local consumers will be happy to tell their friends and spread the word about their local independent. It puts your shop at the heart of the community.

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